Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed today. And thanks to the latest technology, it’s also one of the most successful. Dr. Michael J. Collins of Collins Vision prides himself in offering his patients only the most advanced technology, including the Ora System. With the Ora System, Dr. Collins is able to measure the eye and refine visual outcomes during cataract surgery, ensuring patients get the best possible outcomes. Learn more about the Ora System, including its benefits.

How the Ora System Works

The Ora system attaches right to the microscope used during the cataract removal procedure. Once the eye’s natural lens is removed, the Ora System will direct a beam of low intensity laser light into the eye. The Ora machine will analyze the wave of light being reflected off the eye in order to measure the eye’s unique optical characteristics. This allows your surgeon to get an accurate measurement of your eye’s focusing capabilities. Using the Ora System allows the surgeon to make adjustments that fine-tune the implanted lens. In traditional cataract surgery, measurements are calculated before and evaluated weeks after the procedure. Although measurements are precise, there is a small margin of error. With the Ora System, these measurements are taken during surgery, reducing the chance that adjustments will be needed later.

Benefits of the Ora System

The Ora System helps both the cataract surgeon and patient. With this advanced technology, doctors achieve better, precise results during surgery, which translates to improved quality of vision.

If you have previously undergone refractive surgery such as LASIK or PRK, the Ora System can help improve your vision results following cataract surgery. Eyes that have had previous laser vision correction surgery are difficult to measure accurately to determine proper lens implant power. The Ora System helps your surgeon obtain a more precise lens implant power. If you have astigmatism, using the Ora System during surgery may improve the accuracy of your toric IOL and reduce the chance you will need to wear eyeglasses after your procedure.

Learn More about Cataract Surgery

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