What is the hot holiday gift of 2021? In a year where we are perhaps focused just a little bit more on all the things we have to be grateful for, and a little bit less on actual wrapped gifts under the tree, we’d like to propose a unique gift idea that restores vision and changes lives! Tall order? Maybe. But Cataract Surgery at Collins Vision delivers.

Top Reasons to Say Yes to Cataract Surgery Now

Cataract surgery is an exciting opportunity. At Collins Vision, we love to guide individuals through this journey to restored, and possibly even improved, vision. So, let’s talk more about why now is an ideal time to have cataract surgery at Collins Vision.

1) Step into the New Year Safely. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Falls threaten seniors’ safety and independence and can come with significant economic and personal costs. While not all falls are due to poor vision and depth perception, many are.

2) Year-end Savings. By the final months of the year, most people have met their annual deductible, making it a great time to schedule needed medical procedures like cataract surgery (before deductibles reset in January). With your deductible met, your supplemental insurance may very well help pay for more of your procedure costs. Not sure how all that works? We can help.

3) Best of the Best. Thanks for your trust, Southwest Florida! Dr. Michael Collins, founder of Collins Vision and fellowship-trained cataract specialist, is proud to have been awarded first place in the “Best Cataract Surgeon” category of the News-Press “Best of the Best” contest for 2021! What an honor!

Refractive Cataract Surgery Offers Freedom

Now, more than ever before, you have the opportunity to make a lifestyle decision about your vision after cataract surgery.

At Collins Vision, we specialize in something we like to call Refractive Cataract Surgery, where the goal is to not only remove your cataract, but to elevate your level of vision to reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eyewear. Whether you have astigmatism, are nearsighted or farsighted, or wear readers due to presbyopia, our premium lens offerings could help you overcome your vision challenges and help you live your life to the fullest with the vision you deserve.

Our patients agree!

Meet Carla. She describes her post-cataract surgery vision as a “dream come true!” And how about Les? He says his vision is better than when he was in his 40s!

Don’t Put Off Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is already a safe and successful procedure, but advances in technology have made it safer than ever. In fact, more than two million men and women undergo cataract surgery every year, making it one of the most common and most successful medical procedures in the U.S. today.

At Collins Vision, with locations in Fort Myers and Naples, we are here for you, and we would be honored to serve you. Enjoy your vision your way with cataract surgery at Collins Vision. We can’t wait for you to See the Difference.