This Has Been a Godsend for My Eyes 

Darlene Huether has lived in Southwest Florida for 40 years, where she and her husband run a successful general contracting business. She stays so busy as a business owner that she has spent the last several years ignoring and just living with chronic dry eyes. 

“My eyes were just awful, to be honest,” said Darlene. “They were always red and irritated, burning, itching and swollen. My lids were so dry and flaky. The more time that passed, the worse they became.” 

When Darlene recently had her annual comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Alessi at Collins Vision’s Fort Myers location, everything changed! Dr. Alessi told Darlene about the Collins Vision Dry Eye Treatment Package. “She really believed it could help me,” said Darlene. “I’m so glad she told me about it!” 

Darlene met with Jill Tanner, Collins Vision’s certified nurse practitioner who administers dry eye treatments, for a thorough evaluation and together, they came up with a treatment plan. 

Say Goodbye to Dry Eye 

Dry Eye occurs when there is a problem with the quality or quantity of tears your tear ducts make. If that balance is off, the result is scratchy, gritty, irritated, fatigued eyes. Dry Eye is more common today than ever before. It’s been estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide suffer from Dry Eye. 

The most common type of Dry Eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), a condition that occurs when your Meibomian glands (the ones that produce oil) get blocked or the oil is of poor quality. As a result, your tears evaporate too quickly, drying out your eyes. 

The goal of treatment at Collins Vision is to repair and unblock the clogged up meibomian glands. Depending on the severity of your condition, we may recommend our Dry Eye Treatment Package, which combines a series of powerful tools designed to clean and clear your oil-producing glands and restore a healthy tear film. This package includes:

  1. BlephEx precisely and safely cleanses and exfoliates your eyelids and lashes, which will almost immediately improve your symptoms. More importantly, by completely removing the exotoxin-laden biofilm along the lid margin, you can avoid the long-term inflammatory damage to your tear glands, preventing chronic dry eye syndrome. 
  2. Forma-I uses heat to stimulate collagen production and gently tighten the skin around the eyes while also improving the quality of your tears. 
  3. Lumecca IPL uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to effectively treat several eye conditions, including Dry Eye, ocular rosacea and blepharitis. This therapy reduces inflammation along the eyelid margin. 

Relief for the Worst Dry Eye Symptoms 

Presently, Darlene has one treatment remaining in her package and she is astounded by the results. “Literally, every issue I had with my eyes is gone. It’s just gone!” she remarked. “Even at the first treatment, I could feel it working.” 

Darlene is so pleased with her results, she tells everyone she knows about it. She’s even encouraged her husband, who deals with moderate Dry Eye, to make an appointment at the Collins Vision Dry Eye Clinic. “Do not hesitate! This really works,” she said 

See the Difference at Collins Vision 

“The entire team at Collins Vision is so caring and thorough,” said Darlene, who has been a patient for more than four years. “They genuinely care about your eyes and want you to be better. They all work very well together from the girls at the front to the nurses and doctors. We just love Collins Vision.” 

If you suffer from the symptoms of Dry Eye, schedule an appointment with Dr. Alessi, so she can evaluate your eyes, determine whether you have Dry Eye Syndrome and suggest an appropriate treatment plan. 

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