Did you know that Tiger Woods was once so nearsighted that he said he would be considered legally blind without glasses or contacts?

On the most simplistic level, golf is a game based around personal improvement. It is you against the course, and the course doesn’t change – the drives don’t become shorter, the holes don’t become bigger – the only way to make golf easier, and thus more enjoyable, is to improve yourself.

If you’re looking for an added edge over your competition, you may want to follow Tiger’s lead and consider making an appointment to see your Ophthalmologist. After his surgery, Tiger went on to win the first five tour events he played as well as four consecutive competitions starting with the U.S. Open in 2000. After his treatment, Woods says that the holes now look bigger and his ability to read greens has improved.

In the past, when a person developed cataracts, the only question was when to schedule surgery. Today, with recent advances in cataract surgery, your Ophthalmologist can actually customize your surgery using Premium Lifestyle Lens Implants. If you qualify for one of these lens implants, you should be able to hit the golf ball, sink your put, and write down your score all without the hassle of glasses! Today’s advances in Laser Vision Correction also allow your ophthalmologist the ability to customize your vision, making the procedure more of an art than a “cookie-cutter” surgery. Hypothetically speaking, in the time it takes you to hit a few practice balls, your Cataract or Laser Vision Correction Surgery could be complete!
When asked about his corrected vision, Tiger was quoted saying “For years I dealt with the hassles and frustrations of glasses and contacts. Then, I made the decision that changed my life”. If you’re ready to make this same decision, with either Laser Vision Correction or Premium Cataract Surgery and not only improve your golf game but your quality of life, give your ophthalmologist a call.

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About Dr. Michael J Collins

Dr. Collins has dedicated his professional life to the improvement and preservation of vision. Dr. Collins is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN and he completed his eye surgery residency at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He finished his advanced fellowship training in cornea and refractive surgery under the world-renowned ophthalmologist, Dr. Daniel Durrie. As a fellow, Dr. Collins was active in ophthalmic research and played significant investigator roles during numerous FDA clinical trials.

Dr. Collins is a leader in bringing the latest breakthroughs in eye care to the region. He utilizes advanced equipment to determine which procedures will work best for you. He offers the highest standard of care using the most up-to-date techniques and technology. The combination of Dr. Collins’ expertise and state-of-the-art technology will provide you with the best possible results.