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Good Neighbor Podcast Features Dr. Collins

The Good Neighbor Podcast brings together local businesses and neighbors of Fort Myers and Naples, Florida. As publishers of local neighborhood magazines, (Palm Living, East Estero Neighbors, Gateway Neighbors & Neighbors of McGregor), Charlie and Barb McDermott hold community businesses in high regard. 

The recent pandemic that forced small businesses to close their doors prompted them to open theirs, and Good Neighbor Podcast was launched. So when host Charlie McDermott wanted to feature Dr. Collins and Collins Vision in a recent episode (episode #199), we were honored! 

What Makes Collins Vision a Good Neighbor?

Delivering personalized, compassionate care, deeply rooted in community and family values, our amazing patients already know Collins Vision is one eye care practice worth knowing! Now, the rest of the community knows as well. 

Dr. Collins is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, fisherman, father and philanthropist who enjoys serving his patients, family and community. In this episode of the Good Neighbor Podcast, learn all about: 

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