Breaking Down Barriers to Better Vision

At Collins Vision, we don’t want anything to get in the way of you achieving the vision you deserve. We want to do everything we can to ensure the opportunity for improved vision is something that works with your life, schedule and preferences. For this reason, we’ve rolled out new scheduling options that we want to share with you. It’s just one more way we help our patients See the Difference!

Busy Professionals, We See You!

If you’re a busy, working professional, you know how to get things done. You can probably project manage your way through most challenges without even breaking a sweat. And in Southwest Florida, that’s saying something!

But what about those to-dos that are not necessarily work-related but still have to be done during regular business hours, Monday through Friday? Things like doctor’s appointments and dental cleanings? Those can be harder to check off your to-do list because, well, you’re working during those hours.

We get it. At Collins Vision, we have many, many patients just like you, who are working professionals, doing their best every day to balance work and family. And while we can’t clear your calendar, we can find ways for you to come in on your time.

So, if the opportunity for improved vision without the hassles of glasses and contacts is something you’re interested in, read on! To better serve this valued part of our Collins Vision patient population, we have implemented some new flexible scheduling options designed to fit your busy life. Introducing:

Lunch-Break LASIK Screening. These abbreviated appointments are designed for people who would like the flexibility to schedule their initial screening on their lunch hour. You’ll meet with one of our LASIK technicians to do a quick screening to see if you’re a candidate for LASIK. Then, if you’re deemed a candidate, we will schedule the full comprehensive exam you’ll need to have before scheduling your LASIK procedure.

After-Hours LASIK Consultations. These later-in-the-day appointments (on Thursdays) are designed for busy professionals who want LASIK but need to come in for their screening and consultation after their workday. At this appointment, you’ll have your eye exam with Dr. Rosen and then meet with one of our surgery counselors to schedule your procedure. Then, you’ll come back for a pre-op appointment before your scheduled surgery. You’ll meet with your LASIK surgeon Dr. Collins on surgery day.

Customized Scheduling Solutions to Fit Your Comfort Level

Many people feel more comfortable meeting with Dr. Collins before the actual surgery day, and that’s completely understandable! In fact, we have set aside some special appointment times for people just like you. We call them Hybrid Appointments and here’s how they work:

At your initial appointment, you’ll have your eye exam with one of our experienced optometrists and then meet with a surgery counselor to schedule your procedure. Then, you’ll come back for a pre-op appointment before your scheduled surgery and you’ll meet Dr. Collins at that time.

Clear Vision is in Sight

Don’t let anything get in the way of achieving the vision you deserve. Schedule your complimentary consultation today! If you’d rather speak to someone in person, please call 239.936.4706 and we’d be happy to find an appointment time that works for you!

Thank you for trusting Collins Vision with your precious sight. It’s an honor we never take lightly! We can’t wait for you to See the Difference.