Collins Vision Among the First in the Area to Offer Vuity Eye Drops

Hey middle-agers, listen up. Not sure if you’re a middle-ager? Here’s how to know. Do you have reading glasses everywhere? On your desk. On your nightstand. In your purse. Next to the remote. In your car. On your head. Yes? Can’t see a menu when you’re out to eat, food labels when you’re cooking or your phone text without your reading glasses? You’re a middle-ager.

Exciting news! The FDA has approved the first and only prescription eye drop that improves age-related blurry near vision (a condition called presbyopia) in adults. It’s called Vuity™, and Collins Vision is among the first practices in Southwest Florida to offer

Always at the forefront of what’s new in vision correction solutions, Dr. Collins and our team of doctors are so excited to offer this new presbyopia treatment to patients!

“At Collins Vision, we have extensive expertise in solutions specifically designed to reduce or eliminate our patients’ dependence on glasses. For people struggling with age-related near vision issues who want to be free from the inconvenience and restrictions of reading glasses, Vuity is an incredible new option that we’ve added to the mix.”
-Dr. Michael Collins

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is the gradual and progressive loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on near objects. It’s a natural, often annoying part of aging, and everyone will deal with it sooner or later. Most commonly, it starts in your mid-40s or 50s and continues to worsen until about age 65.

Presbyopia is caused by a hardening of the lens of your eye, which occurs with aging. As your lens becomes less flexible, it can no longer change shape to focus on close-up images. As a result, these images appear out of focus.

How Do Vuity Eye Drops Work?

The prescription eye drop is designed to be applied once a day at home in each eye and works by reducing your pupil size. It contracts certain muscles in the eye so you can see up close. Hello convenience and goodbye readers!

The drops are designed to adjust to your body’s pH level to avoid any burning, stinging or discomfort.

How Do I See if Vuity is Right For Me?

Simply schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at our Fort Myers or Naples office! Our team will do a comprehensive eye exam, and if they feel Vuity is a good fit for your vision, they will write you a prescription for the drops. You can fill them at your local pharmacy; they range from $79 to $101 per bottle. From there, we’ll do a follow-up to ensure you’re loving your Vuity drops.

And if Vuity Isn’t Right, We Have Tons of Options!

If Vuity isn’t right for you, or if you are someone who would like a more permanent solution to the reading glasses relay, we can help there, too. From Blended Vision LASIK (sometimes called Monovision) to Refractive Lens Exchange, Collins Vision has many procedures to help you enjoy life with the vision you deserve.

Schedule an appointment today with one of Collins Vision’s doctors to explore our many reading vision correction options. You can schedule online or call 239.936.4706. With locations in Fort Myers and Naples, Collins Vision has been Southwest Florida’s trusted eye care provider since 2004.