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Refractive Cataract Surgery Success

Some 24.5 million Americans have cataracts, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and Roland Martin was one of them. The renowned professional sport fisherman and television host coincidentally noticed changes in his vision when he started having trouble seeing the fish.

“Fishing involves quick decisions that need to be made in an instant, and it’s so important to have perfectly accurate vision at all distances,” says Roland.

Roland Martin after Cataract Surgery


Roland met Dr. Michael J. Collins, founder of Collins Vision, on an off-shore fishing trip several years ago and they bonded over their shared passion for saltwater fly-fishing. Dr. Collins remembers, “During our conversations, Roland told me he had already undergone traditional cataract surgery in one eye a few years ago, but he didn’t feel like it helped him all that much.” 

Dr. Collins specializes in refractive cataract surgery, where the goal is to remove a patient’s cataract AND their bifocals at the same time, then replace it with a new lens suitable for the patient’s needs. He felt Roland could benefit from this surgery and asked him to come into Collins Vision for an evaluation.

“During his exam, I let him know I could place a lens implant in the eye that still needed cataract surgery, and that it would improve both his distance and near vision,” says Dr. Collins. “He gave me quite a compliment coming from a world-class fisherman when he said, ‘if I was as good an eye surgeon as I was a fisherman, he trusted me with his vision’.”

Dr. Collins doing eye exam


Further describing the procedure, Dr. Collins says, “Refractive cataract surgery is an advanced procedure that goes above and beyond traditional cataract surgery to deliver exceptional results designed to fit my patients’ vision and their lifestyles, which of course, is something very important to our active Southwest Florida residents.”

Cataracts occur when the lens behind the pupil gets cloudy, making it harder to see through. During surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and a new one is put in. The surgery is very precise and there are several different types of lens that a patient can choose, based on their circumstances and vision goals.

Each and every surgical plan at Collins Vision is specifically designed and customized for the patient on a one-on-one basis, considering aspects such as their lifestyle and the health of their eyes.

Cataracts are part of aging, although they can also occur in younger patients. According to the National Eye Institute, after the age of 60 is when most problems with cataracts become evident. Symptoms can include cloudy or blurred vision, glare when looking at headlights or sunlight, poor night vision, and frequent changes in eyeglass or contact prescriptions.


Roland says, “Good vision gives me an increased ability to cast my lure much better, much farther, with a lot more accuracy. Now after my surgery, I can finally tie my little bitty flies with ease.”

Roland Martin fishing after Cataract Surgery

Personalized care with the most up-to-date technology is the benchmark of treatment at Collins Vision. If you have cataracts, or suspect you might, call Collins Vision for a consultation to restore your vision and improve your eye health.

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