Bibi Tejera, a recent dental school graduate, is in the thick of an intensive three-year residency program in orthodontics. She works long hours, both in classroom training as well as seeing patients. As an almost lifetime contact lens wearer (since middle school!), Bibi was beginning to notice that wearing contacts was getting harder and harder for her as she moved into her career path.

Contact Lenses Were a Struggle

“Sometimes I would fall asleep in my contacts, so it seemed like every few months, I was dealing with an eye infection that meant I had to switch to my glasses,” she said. “It became much more of a struggle when I was in dental school and began seeing patients. For example, when working with a patient, we use glasses with magnifying loupes to see inside the mouth more closely. Dentists use loupes because they are designed to help us maintain proper posture; when I couldn’t wear my contacts, I couldn’t use the loupes properly and my back would pay the price for my compromised ergonomics.”

Many of Bibi’s colleagues were having LASIK and talking about how much better their vision was and how nice it was to be free from the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts.

LASIK Offers Freedom from the Struggle of Glasses and Contacts

Bibi began the process of researching the procedure for herself; the success rate, the most reputable surgeons in the area and whether or not she would be a good candidate for LASIK.

“My dad is a doctor in the area, and he right away recommended Dr. Collins at Collins Vision,” said Bibi. “After having a consultation at Collins Vision, doing my research and evaluating the risk versus benefit, it was a very easy decision.”

I Could See Right Away

Bibi’s pre-LASIK vision was pretty bad. “At -4 in both eyes, I really had to wear my glasses or contacts for everything,” she said. So it was a little nerve-wracking for her to think about life without glasses or contacts.

Bibi was cautiously excited on the day of her procedure. “It really helped that everyone at Collins Vision was so friendly and relaxed,” she said. “That really helped me.” And when she sat up after the procedure (which she describes as lasting no more than five minutes!), Bibi was genuinely shocked! “I could tell right away that my vision was perfect,” she said.*

Bibi says her recovery from LASIK was amazingly simple and fast. “But I was very careful to follow all the instructions they gave me to a ‘T’, and I really think that makes a huge difference,” she said.

If Bibi could give some advice to other people who are thinking about having LASIK but have some concerns, she’d say this:

“Do your research, choose the right doctor, one with a lot of experience, have realistic expectations and then, after your LASIK, follow the post-op instructions carefully. It’s really that simple.”

As someone just beginning her career as an orthodontist, Bibi understands the hesitation some people feel about having a surgical procedure on their eyes. “It’s hard to think about compromising your vision, and I get it,” she said. “I had many of those same concerns. But the entire LASIK experience was easy and wonderful.”

See the Good. See the Difference.

At Collins Vision, we like to say that we do things a little differently, and it’s all about you. We’re delighted that Bibi had such a great experience during her time with us, and we’re grateful she is Seeing the Difference for herself. Thank you for trusting us, Bibi!

Dr. Collins is a sought-after refractive surgeon with decades of experience. Ready to learn more about Laser Vision Correction at Collins Vision? We’d be honored to serve you.

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*individual results may vary.