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Rebel Against Your Readers!

About Reading Vision Correction

Presbyopia (presbēˈōpēə) is when the eye exhibits a decreased ability to focus on near objects. Almost as a rite of passage into becoming “middle-aged”, this frustrating change in vision is usually proceeded with a dreaded trip to the drug store to pick up multi-packs of “readers” in order to then strategically scatter throughout the house.

Many of our active Southwest Florida residents view increased dependency on glasses as limiting and something that slows them down. Not to mention, they complain that it makes them look older than they feel. To these people, we say “REBEL Against Your Readers!” because, fortunately, there are alternatives.

Corneal Inlays

In a quick, LASIK-like procedure the corneal inlay is designed to help you regain your near vision without the need for reading glasses. Using a laser, the surgeon creates a small pocket in the center of the cornea. Afterwards, the inlay (a tiny optical device) is placed into the small pocket. This creates the same effect as a pinhole camera, which improves near vision without causing loss of distance vision in the “near eye”.

The procedure is quick and easy taking less than 15 minutes and while healing varies, most people are able to resume their normal activity within 24-48 hours.

Blended Vision or Monovision

Blended Vision is a technique used in both LASIK and ASA to help decrease a person dependence on these glasses by setting the non-dominant eye to see better at intermediate range (arm’s length) and the dominant eye set to see better in the distance. Your brain blends these two streams of information together smoothly so that you’re not conscious of having different visual ability in each eye.

Refractive Lens Exchange

While most people are candidates for LASIK or ASA, some extreme hyperopic (farsighted) patients or certain presbyopic patients might benefit more from a Refractive Lens Exchange. The benefits of a Refractive Lens Exchange can be two-fold: it is able to correct both near and distance vision as well as eliminate the development of cataracts later on in life. The procedure itself is virtually the same as cataract surgery with the eye’s natural crystalline lens being replaced with an artificial intraocular lens.

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