Seeing the alarm clock clearly when you open your eyes in the morning. Hitting the tennis court without having to worry about fogged-up glasses. Enjoying an afternoon boat ride on the gulf without worrying about the wind drying out your contact lenses. These are some of the small moments of enjoyment that you can expect after having laser vision correction surgery. At Collins Vision, we offer two types of laser vision correction procedures: Collins LaserVision (also called Advanced Surface Ablation, or ASA) and bladeless LASIK. Read on to discover their benefits.

Clearer Vision and Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

The main benefit of laser vision correction surgery is the clear vision, usually at least 20/20, that most people enjoy after having the procedure. Many people find that they can get rid of their contacts and glasses altogether, or at the very least use them much less often. This allows a freedom of movement that many people haven’t had in years. And those who are self-conscious about how they look in glasses can find relief from this burden.

Money Savings — It Ends up Paying for Itself!

Prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lens refills, saline solution, eye drops and annual eye exams — it can really add up. A cost-benefit analysis of wearing glasses and contacts versus laser vision correction surgery reveals a significant cost savings. People who wear contacts spend a modest average of $240 per year. Glasses cost an average of $196 per year. Although both ASA and LASIK surgery cost much more than that, it is a one-time payment with results that last a lifetime. And, with the affordable monthly payment options available through Collins Vision, you can have clearer vision for the same monthly price as your average cell phone bill. Either way, compared to the cost of glasses and contacts, this one-time surgery pays for itself.

Fast, Painless Procedure with Quick Recovery

The average laser vision correction procedure takes 15 minutes or less to complete. At the start, the doctor will use eye drops that contain a local anesthetic to numb your eyes. Once the drops take effect, the doctor will use an instrument to hold your eye open while he performs the procedure; this will cause you no discomfort because your eyes will be numb. You will experience the same sensation as when you open your eyes using two of your fingers, the way you would when inserting a contact lens.

Both Laser Vision correction options use the latest in laser technology to reshape the cornea to correct problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. You will feel no discomfort during either of these procedures. Most patients see clearly within 24 hours of surgery and are able to drive the next day, after their post-operative exam. Many return to work and normal, daily activities within a few days of LASIK. The results of the surgery take several weeks to stabilize completely, with patients experiencing their best vision after four to six weeks. (For ASA patients, this process takes a little longer).

Start on the Path to Clearer Vision

Are you excited about the possibilities that await you after having laser vision correction? We at Collins Vision are eager to help you take the first step on the road to clearer vision. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Collins to discuss your options and decide which laser vision correction procedure is best for you.